15 November 2012

'The Humanities and Citizenship', a Special Issue of the Journal of the Knowledge Economy

The various articles comprising the special issue of the Journal of the Knowledge Economy 4:1 (2013) on the theme 'Humanities and Citizenship' has now been published via OnlineFirst and is available to view and download from the journal's website. The special issue has been edited by Georgia Christinidis and Heather Ellis and represents a selection of the papers given at the conference 'The Changing Role of the Humanities in the Academy and Society' held at the Centre for British Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin between 15th and 17th September 2011. The conference was generously funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

Here are the links to the individual articles:

1. Introduction: Humanities and Citizenship
Georgia Christinidis and Heather Ellis

2. The Hector Hypothesis: Disciplines, Difficulty, and Democracy
Susan Bruce

3. Competitiveness, the Knowledge-Based Economy and Higher Education
Ngai-Ling Sum and Bob Jessop

4. The Right to University: the Question of Democracy in the Polis at a Time of Crisis
Asimina Karavanta

5. Knowledge, Education and Citizenship in a Pre- and Post-National Age 
Georgia Christinidis and Heather Ellis

6. One, Two, or Three Cultures? Humanities Versus the Natural and Social Sciences in Modern Germany
 Roberto Sala

7. Symbiotic Learning Systems: Reorganizing and Integrating Learning Efforts and Responsibilities Between Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) and Work Places 
Olav Eikeland

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