01 December 2011

Articles, Blogs, and Other Media

Tamson Pietsch
A whole series of articles on the topic 'Why Humanities' was published by the guardian in its 'Comment is Free'-section. The series includes articles by Terry Eagleton, Kate Soper, Iain Pears, Joanna Bourke and Simon Jenkins.
Keith Thomas - Universities under Attack (London Review of Books)

Alternative white paper: In Defence of Higher Education (The Guardian)

Hundreds of academics have signed an alternative white paper which claims that the government's planned education reforms are fundamentally misguided.

Fall 2011 special edition of Representations (JSTOR), titled "The Humanities and the Crisis of The Public University." Edited by Colleeen Lye, Christopher Newfield, and James Vernon, it addresses many of the issues facing British and Irish Studies and academia more generally.

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