01 December 2011

Organisations, Campaigns and Initiatives

Oxford Campaign for Higher Education (OUCHE)
OUCHE! Stated Aims:

* To make the case for universities and higher education as a public good that must be fostered through public funding

* To defend the ethos of public universities as sites of open and unfettered research, teaching, and learning and not as providers of commodities to paying customers

* To counter the damaging proposals of the Browne Report and the government policies that flowed from it which leave many subjects vulnerable to elimination or distortion by the market

* To ensure that university education is affordable to all and does not result in a crippling debt burden or financial dependence on students' families

Cambridge Academic Campaign for Higher Education (CACHE)
CACHE is a campaigning group of academics and members of the Regent House who have come together to address the challenges posed by the ongoing attacks on British universities and university funding.

Campaign for the Public University
The UK Campaign for the Public University is open to all. It is a broad-based campaign with no party or other political affiliation. It has been initiated by a group of university teachers and graduate students seeking to defend and promote the idea of the university as a public good. We believe that the public university is essential both for cultivating democratic public life and creating the means for individuals to find fulfillment in creative and intellectual pursuits regardless of whether or not they pursue a degree programme.

Humanities Matter: The Campaign for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Humanities Matters is a campaign to celebrate and support world-leading humanities and social science teaching and research in UK universities.

Edufactory: Conflicts and Transformation of the University
Edu-factory is a transnational collective engaged in the transformations of the global university and conflicts in knowledge production. The website of the global network (www.edu-factory.org) collects and connects theoretical investigations and reports from university struggles. The network has organized meetings all around the world, paying particular attention to the intertwining of student and faculty struggles.

For more information on Edufactory click here.

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